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The global auto dialer software market is likely to be valued at US$ 417 Million in FY 2022, up from US$ 382 Million in 2021.

During the past year, the industry registered a Y-o-Y increase worth 9.2%. From 2022-2032, auto dialer software sales are poised to flourish at a CAGR of 9.5% to reach a value of US$ 1 Billion by the end of the said forecast period.

The market for auto dialer software is poised to yield absolute dollar growth worth US$ 614.1 Million until 2032. Demand for cloud based auto dialer software will continue to flourish, with a documented CAGR of 9.6% during the 2015-2021 historical period of assessment, while predictive dialer sales flourished at a rate of 9.4% during the same time period. The U.S will dominate the global market, registering a growth opportunity worth US$ 214.7 Million from 2022-2032.

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Important Factors Promoting the Growth of the Auto Dialer Software Business

The key catalyst will be increasing business productivity and streamlining operations.

Businesses all over the world are looking to increase corporate productivity by outsourcing certain tasks to outside parties. Using telemarketing and telecommunications service providers rather than using in-house call centre teams is becoming more common among businesses. As a result, industries are able to keep their revenue and profit margins while also greatly enhancing their research skills and ultimately increasing their productivity.

Using auto dialer software enables businesses to quickly distinguish between fruitful and ineffective calls while also removing the need for human dialling. The use of automatic dialer software has grown as manual dialling becomes less and less popular since it reduces idle time and increases call connect rates.

Demand Stimulating Factor: Increasing Call Center Demand to Simplify Workflow

One of the key factors influencing the market growth for auto dialer software has been the increasing adoption of automatic dialling by call centre enterprises. Increasing technical improvements like cloud-based speed dialling, improved CRM software integration, and many others have prompted contact centres to modernise and employ cutting-edge technology-based software to assure greater efficiency.

The use of such software is expanding throughout call centres due to its benefits, which include raising the talk time ratio of agents from 15-20 minutes per hour to 40-50 minutes per hour, which leads to improved customer interactions and more productivity.

Competitive Landscape

Prominent auto dialer software providers are reliant on partnerships, collaborations, acquisitions and new software launches so as to stay afloat in the global market. Constant innovations to ensure a seamless client-customer relationship are the main focus of prominent market players.

  • Agile CRM is a prominent auto dialer software provider. The company offers software solutions aimed at automating, streamlining and managing telephone outreach for call centers. It offers solutions concerning outbound calls, inbound calls, missed call alerts, call tags and call reporting among other functions
  • On a similar note, Voiptime Cloud offers a broad range of cloud-based predictive dialer solutions, which are easy to use, affordable and scalable for outbound calling campaigns. The software is capable of enhancing agent talking time up to 300%, permitting running up to 20 concurrent call attempts per agent.
  • Voicent Communications Inc. is yet another pioneer in the global auto dialer software industry, offering a robust Inbound Contact Center Solution. The solution provides real-time historical tracking and reporting of agent performance and availability, whisper coaching & monitoring, enables automated compliance with the FTC Dropped Calls Rule, and integration with other call center tools

Key Companies Profiled

  • Agile CRM
  • CallFire Inc.
  • Voiptime Cloud
  • Voicent Communications Inc.
  • OnTimeTelecom
  • A-Star Group
  • Arbeit Software
  • CallOnTheGo
  • Vert-Age Dialer

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