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Have you ever felt like going to a grocery store these days is similar to tackling a jigsaw? If YES, that’s probably because we often look for a balance in a product that matches our health needs and the size of our wallet. From keeping track of health blogs, news, and recommendations we land up trying new options that entice our health consciousness. Avocado oil is one such practical choice that can resolve our diet dilemma.

Generally, fruit oil is extracted from their seeds but it’s the only oil extracted from the fruit itself. The oil extracted from the pulp of the avocado fruit is well known for its nourishing properties and it’s used in various cosmetics. Avocado is also known as ‘green gold’ due to its all essential nutrients known for several food and cosmetic benefits.

The global avocado oil market is expected to evolve at a CAGR of 5.5% and increase from its present value of US$ 556 million to US$ 950 million by the end of 2032.

At the industrial level, there is a constant demand for the production of healthy foods that can maintain their nutritional properties over time, as well as environmentally friendly technological solutions. Avocado oil is mainly sold for direct consumption due to its interesting contribution of fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, among other compounds. Efforts have been made to develop products based on avocado oil.

This Fat is Good for Your health.

Avocado oil is high in monounsaturated fats, which are referred to as “good fat” due to their high content of Omega-3 fatty acids that are crucial for a healthy diet. This contains oleic acid which is the main fatty acid in olive oil. Some researchers verify that reduction in LDL cholesterol occurs when consumers replaced other fats with avocados in their diet. Avocadoes are cholesterol free which makes them a good fat to be included in a modern diet.

High nutrition value to increase demand for avocado oil

The fruit is rich in various healthy nutrients such as magnesium. B6, vitamin E, C, and folate are usually lacking in people. Moreover, its high potassium content is crucial for health. Recently, the U.S. health department has announced potassium as a “nutrient of public health concern”. In light of rising diet concerns avocado oil is a big Yes!!, for all diet-conscious people seeking something full of health.

Apart from lowering blood pressure, it is also effective in detoxification. This also helps in treating skin issues and improves the absorption of nutrients that prevent cancer. Its nutritional values can enhance the quality of hair and aids in controlling inflammation.

Skin repair and nourishment properties to unfold opportunities for cosmetic industry manufacturers.

Consumers are increasingly drawn to plant-based cosmetics and personal care products. Increasing consumer knowledge of the potential adverse effects of dangerous chemicals is a key factor influencing the demand for vegan beauty and personal care products. People are consistently looking for cruelty-free and plant-inspired products which often can be reflective of the ethical led choices consumers make these days.

The use of avocado oil as a component in the formulation of personal care and cosmetic products stands out. Avocado oil effectively penetrates the skin and has potent anti-inflammatory qualities. Moreover, avocado oil is a great component for hair care products because of its high oleic acid and monosaturated fat content.

With avocado oil, you can eat guilt-free.

If your way to a healthy mind passes from the stomach, then you must be conscious of what you have on your plate. Consumption of vegetable oil has reached a valuation of USD 214 billion in the last year 2022.  Due to industrial and other applications, the vegetable oil segment is expected to grow further where avocado oil is expected to create a significant share of the product segment.

This oil is preferred for not only its health benefits but also for its light taste and refreshing flavors. This is mostly preferred for sautéing, grilling, and other recipes where vegetable oil is used. Many cutting-edge technologies are being used by vendors to increase the nutrient content of oil which further drives demand for edible oils.

As a result of rising demand from the consumer end many companies entering into product space. Even though it’s good competition among brands that offer a pool of options for customers. However, many times in the titles like “Pure”, and “Extra Virgin” misleads consumers. In some cases, avocado oil is adulterated with soybean oil to retain the margin profit, so learning about the benefits of a product never serves the purpose until one scrutinizes the product quality now and then.

Consumer consciousness is inevitable for cutting off counterfeits

Owing to the presence of many brands in the market there is the threat of counterfeits difficult to keep away. Even though innovative supplemental technologies are contributing to the quality upgradation of food and beverage manufacturing, evaluation of product quality is something manufacturers should look up to.

A good avocado oil is low in acidity. Lower acidity is an indicator that oil is produced to the highest standard and it makes it stable. One should check for vitamin E content while buying oil as high levels of vitamin E are an indication of extra virgin avocado oil.

Apart from the information printed on the product, there can be some taste and texture parameters that convey food ingredient quality. Fresh authentic avocado oil should taste like mushrooms and has a grassy and buttery texture. The unadulterated avocado oil should look green in color, whereas refined looks light yellow as a result of the removal of pigments during refining. As consumer scrutiny, one should consider the aforementioned characteristics while evaluating the product they buy.

With these parameters handy hopefully your next grocery store visit will not be a jigsaw puzzle. To further make it easy here are some brands you should look for while thinking of buying avocado oil-

Chosen foods Avocado Oil

The entire brand is built around harnessing avocados in all its form. This is a 100% pure oil that earned the best reviews from consumers. It’s non-GMO and naturally refined which gives you a natural taste. The Mexico-based firm grows avocados only with rainwater which makes it ideal for food and skincare applications.

Nutiva Organic Avocado oil

This brand produces oils without pesticides and glyphosate. The brand has earned USDA organic seal that will satisfy you with its purity and cleanliness. The steam-refined process makes it a good choice for cooking and roasting. Apart from the products contributing to your health, the brand actively provides farming education to contribute towards social development.


This is a cold-pressed oil extracted from Californian avocados at their peak realness without using chemicals or heat. The result is vibrant green color and buttery texture of this oil.


This oil is good for salads and vegetables with all nutrients intact in it. Its smooth and light in taste retain the taste of green veggies. This versatile oil can be the best homemade dressing for salads.

Primal Kitchen

It’s best suitable for baking. All natural cold pressed oil that helps to improve hair and skin. This can replace olive and canola oil in some recipes.


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